Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mommy # 2

I was getting Martin and Jaysonready bed last night, I gave Jayson his cup of rice milk and Martin his hot chocolate, and I asked Martin how his chocolate was? He said it was great! I said that's because your adoptive Mom knows how to make it right! Before I could say another word, he looked at me with his dark brown eyes and said " When are you going to adopt me?" So I can be Jayson's real brother." I was at a loss for words..
I told him that Uncle Jayson and I love him so much and no matter what he will always be our little boy.
I have always wanted to be a foster mom or adopt a child,I will be forever greatful to my Sister in Law Terra for giving me that chance. For those of you who do not know the story behind Welcomming our new son check out my next posting and I will fill you in.

Friday, January 16, 2009


It has been awhile since my last entry and I apologize to my followers. So many things are going on here at the Miller household. After a long adventure of being snowed in and the many excitting atempts to make it out of our steep drive way we have survived and are looking towards a brighter and happier New Year. We have survived so far dodging the layoffs and hours cut back. We had niether happen to us! THANK YOU JESUS! Grayce is learning to use the potty! She is 22 months old 1 1/2 years old. She has not given up her diaper completely but has lets me know that she has to go most of the time. She was dry this morning and went in and sat on the potty and went! We all cheered! She even went potty at Wal*Mart last night. Jayson is getting bigger everyday, he changes in some way either physically or mentally every day it seems. I gotta quit blinking. It seems to make things change so fast. As for me Iam starting my own buisness Iam working with the most delicious,scentsational and last but not least ECO FRIENDLY CANDLES. One Smell these candles and I am telling you they don't smell great they make Memories play back in your mind. They are called Mia Bella Candles. They also carry soaps and lotions and all kinds of great items.
If you would like me to send you a catalog and a scent sample please email me and let me know. Bmiller@gorge.net

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Through the eyes of a child

It has been a winter wonderland here in White Salmon ever since Sunday.
Church was cancelled, schools were 2 hours late on Monday and her Iam with no Christmas shopping done,My pipes froze on Monday, The ceramic studio that we painted coffee mugs for grandparents double charged me and screwed up my account and Iam broke and $0.68 in the hole. To make matters worse we have no milk,bread, ect. As I was driving home from takeing Jayson to school today , Grayce looked out her wind and said with her innocent little 1 year old voice " Momma.I swing!"
And I told her "Honey, we can't go swing today because it is to snowy."
The rest of the drive home I was thinking to myself. When the world is bustling and swirling around us we tend to forgett the little joys in life. Like swinging on the swings to a toddler, or playing in the snow to my 6 year old. So my point is that even though we get bogged down in lifes many swamps and snow storms ( no pun intended) , Let us remember the simple joys in life that make it alot more pleasant.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Elephant in the Room

Have you ever gone some where and felt like the third wheel even if you were invited. Well thats what happened to me last night at a nieghbors birthday party. It was Ethans birthday and we were invited over for cake and festivities, so were our Nieghbors Kristy and Sam. Any way, Jayson and Ethan were playing about and the adults where talking, and Natalie the 10 year old decided that she should be part of the conversation. Maybe Iam mean and evil but I don't think that kids should try to but into adult conversations. When it is none of there buisness. You can call me what you like but I thought it was rude. I hope my followers understand what I mean .
I dunno it just seems like Jayson and I were the odd ones out. Sam was helping Natalie with her guitar and Kristy and Olympia where talking about other stuff and I dunno has this ever happened to any one else?
Maybe Iam just mean or wierd.

Monday, December 8, 2008

They Grow up so fast

This weekend was a kind of lazy hang out with the family weekend for us. It was great. Sometimes in this crazy busy bustling world you have to slow down and reconnect with those who love you. A few snuggle sessions here and there. =0) It was a weekend of realixing for me of how fast Jayson and Grayce have grown. For example.. at church on Sunday I was just watching Grayce run around and interact with people and kids her age and it kinda felt wierd that she didn't need old mom's help to run and play and steal candy canes of the tree. She was just amazeing laughing and running around and just haveing a blast. Mind you she is only almost 20 months ( on Dec 12) She was watching Blues Clues and shouting and pointing " A Clue!" " A Clue!" This time last year she was trying to figure out the whole idea of wrapping paper and how do you get it off to get whats inside? =0)
My son who is six is no sloth either. On the way home from Kid Sense on Friday I was quizing him on math problems like " I have 7 balls and I have 8 friends who want to play with a ball.. How many more balls do I need?" He with out hesitation would say 1! Like he was just waiting for mom to finish fast enough so he could blurt it out. As I dropped him off at school I asked him do you want me to come in with you? Jayson said with out hesitation " No thanks Mom , I can do it!" =0) I watched him walk into the school and the front of it looked so big and this little 4 ft boy walk up to the door and with out moments hesitation opened it and walked in. They are so amazeing. I have spent 6 years trying to protect him from foods and things that he is allergic or things that will make all of his other medical problems flare up and this little 6 year old looks me in the eye and say s " I got it Mom!" I guess at some point we have to let go and trust that God will be with them and we need not to worry. Now if we could just get him to clean his room. =)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Good Morning

Good morning and welcome to another look into the life of the Millers. We are just kinda crawling out of bed( the kids that is) Mom has already been up to shower, make Dads lunch and send him off to work. Grayce is still sick with a cough makes her get sick but only once, and it is usally at night time. Wierd .. Iam calling the doctor today. Tomorrow is payday and I can finally start my Christmas decorating,bakeing,shopping and all that fun stuff. I love it all especially putting up the nativity scene and the tree. It really shows what Christmas is all about the birth of my Lord and Savior and my family. This year is going to be a handmade Christmas. We are makeing a simple quilt for my aunt Ruth who's name we drew out of the hat at Thanksgiving and Jay and Grayce are makeing and Painting coffee mugs for the Grandparents. I loved Christmas as a child but now I think I have more fun staying up late with my hubby (Jay) on Christmas Eve and Wrapping gifts ( because we usally are last minute shoppers) and then the look on our kids faces as they unwrap their gifts with grins and squeals with delight. ( unless it is clothes or underwear) Remember that when you where a kid? Well I gott to go and get Jayson off to school !
Take Care and Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sleep... What is that?

Well day one of my diet bombed, I feel to the cold,crisp,sweet temptation of a pepsi, that my hubby bought. I guess I can not be to hard on myself today is a new day and I can start a new. Iam on my third cup of coffee and starting to emerge from my sleep deprived kids up and down all night long fog,as I am stareing down a mountain of dirty laundry and dishes. Do you ever wish that we had the power of Genie ( from I dream of Genie) with just a twitch of our nose and all would be well. Jayson Jr. had a flare up last night of emotions and we had to weather the storm and calm him down with the compression technique or as we like to call it ( hug the Huge stuffed dog ) He suffers from Sensory disorder issues,OCD,ADHD,Food allergies 5 to be exact, cold urtcaria,eczema and other things. I love him with all my heart but sometimes I wish I could wave my magic wand and all his ailments would be gone. He is still an amazeing kid! He is super smart, His teacher says that he has a photographic memory and he is great at math,science,sports . He is also a fantastic artist. Iam not just saying that because he is my kid.