Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Through the eyes of a child

It has been a winter wonderland here in White Salmon ever since Sunday.
Church was cancelled, schools were 2 hours late on Monday and her Iam with no Christmas shopping done,My pipes froze on Monday, The ceramic studio that we painted coffee mugs for grandparents double charged me and screwed up my account and Iam broke and $0.68 in the hole. To make matters worse we have no milk,bread, ect. As I was driving home from takeing Jayson to school today , Grayce looked out her wind and said with her innocent little 1 year old voice " Momma.I swing!"
And I told her "Honey, we can't go swing today because it is to snowy."
The rest of the drive home I was thinking to myself. When the world is bustling and swirling around us we tend to forgett the little joys in life. Like swinging on the swings to a toddler, or playing in the snow to my 6 year old. So my point is that even though we get bogged down in lifes many swamps and snow storms ( no pun intended) , Let us remember the simple joys in life that make it alot more pleasant.

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