Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sleep... What is that?

Well day one of my diet bombed, I feel to the cold,crisp,sweet temptation of a pepsi, that my hubby bought. I guess I can not be to hard on myself today is a new day and I can start a new. Iam on my third cup of coffee and starting to emerge from my sleep deprived kids up and down all night long fog,as I am stareing down a mountain of dirty laundry and dishes. Do you ever wish that we had the power of Genie ( from I dream of Genie) with just a twitch of our nose and all would be well. Jayson Jr. had a flare up last night of emotions and we had to weather the storm and calm him down with the compression technique or as we like to call it ( hug the Huge stuffed dog ) He suffers from Sensory disorder issues,OCD,ADHD,Food allergies 5 to be exact, cold urtcaria,eczema and other things. I love him with all my heart but sometimes I wish I could wave my magic wand and all his ailments would be gone. He is still an amazeing kid! He is super smart, His teacher says that he has a photographic memory and he is great at math,science,sports . He is also a fantastic artist. Iam not just saying that because he is my kid.

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