Monday, December 8, 2008

They Grow up so fast

This weekend was a kind of lazy hang out with the family weekend for us. It was great. Sometimes in this crazy busy bustling world you have to slow down and reconnect with those who love you. A few snuggle sessions here and there. =0) It was a weekend of realixing for me of how fast Jayson and Grayce have grown. For example.. at church on Sunday I was just watching Grayce run around and interact with people and kids her age and it kinda felt wierd that she didn't need old mom's help to run and play and steal candy canes of the tree. She was just amazeing laughing and running around and just haveing a blast. Mind you she is only almost 20 months ( on Dec 12) She was watching Blues Clues and shouting and pointing " A Clue!" " A Clue!" This time last year she was trying to figure out the whole idea of wrapping paper and how do you get it off to get whats inside? =0)
My son who is six is no sloth either. On the way home from Kid Sense on Friday I was quizing him on math problems like " I have 7 balls and I have 8 friends who want to play with a ball.. How many more balls do I need?" He with out hesitation would say 1! Like he was just waiting for mom to finish fast enough so he could blurt it out. As I dropped him off at school I asked him do you want me to come in with you? Jayson said with out hesitation " No thanks Mom , I can do it!" =0) I watched him walk into the school and the front of it looked so big and this little 4 ft boy walk up to the door and with out moments hesitation opened it and walked in. They are so amazeing. I have spent 6 years trying to protect him from foods and things that he is allergic or things that will make all of his other medical problems flare up and this little 6 year old looks me in the eye and say s " I got it Mom!" I guess at some point we have to let go and trust that God will be with them and we need not to worry. Now if we could just get him to clean his room. =)

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