Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Good Morning

Good morning and welcome to another look into the life of the Millers. We are just kinda crawling out of bed( the kids that is) Mom has already been up to shower, make Dads lunch and send him off to work. Grayce is still sick with a cough makes her get sick but only once, and it is usally at night time. Wierd .. Iam calling the doctor today. Tomorrow is payday and I can finally start my Christmas decorating,bakeing,shopping and all that fun stuff. I love it all especially putting up the nativity scene and the tree. It really shows what Christmas is all about the birth of my Lord and Savior and my family. This year is going to be a handmade Christmas. We are makeing a simple quilt for my aunt Ruth who's name we drew out of the hat at Thanksgiving and Jay and Grayce are makeing and Painting coffee mugs for the Grandparents. I loved Christmas as a child but now I think I have more fun staying up late with my hubby (Jay) on Christmas Eve and Wrapping gifts ( because we usally are last minute shoppers) and then the look on our kids faces as they unwrap their gifts with grins and squeals with delight. ( unless it is clothes or underwear) Remember that when you where a kid? Well I gott to go and get Jayson off to school !
Take Care and Have a blessed day!

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