Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Elephant in the Room

Have you ever gone some where and felt like the third wheel even if you were invited. Well thats what happened to me last night at a nieghbors birthday party. It was Ethans birthday and we were invited over for cake and festivities, so were our Nieghbors Kristy and Sam. Any way, Jayson and Ethan were playing about and the adults where talking, and Natalie the 10 year old decided that she should be part of the conversation. Maybe Iam mean and evil but I don't think that kids should try to but into adult conversations. When it is none of there buisness. You can call me what you like but I thought it was rude. I hope my followers understand what I mean .
I dunno it just seems like Jayson and I were the odd ones out. Sam was helping Natalie with her guitar and Kristy and Olympia where talking about other stuff and I dunno has this ever happened to any one else?
Maybe Iam just mean or wierd.

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Rebecca Reece said...

You are not lame; it sounds like the person inviting people for a party didn't really "plan" a party. If you are going to host a party, then HOST it! Part of being a host/hostess is making sure that everyone has a good time; wether it is through planned games/activities, or just by making sure that everyone is included in conversation.
Someone was lame, but it was the person who failed to properly organize a proper party!